Bandwidth Savings

Onwards Reach is designed with quality and efficiency in mind, with intelligence built in to make sure users are getting the highest quality content while carefully managing the bandwidth needed to deliver a great viewing experience. You have options to manage the bandwidth going to each viewer as well as limiting the amount downloaded ahead of time by each player.

Even in poor network conditions, Onwards Reach can help your viewers get the best viewing experience possible. Adaptive throttling is available to make the most of limited download bandwidth. Onwards Reach can also be paired with Onwards Multiplier to allow content sharing between users, giving you even more bandwidth savings and network redundancy.

Advanced Video Processing

Onwards Reach servers can ingest and encode in all major formats and add analytic data. This includes:

  • Facial recognition to automatically extract actors and actresses in each video
  • Subtitle extraction using advanced OCR
  • Convert audio to text to enable keyword searching
  • Auto detection of ads and dynamic ad replacement

Flexible and Secure Deployment

You have full control over how Onwards Reach, meaning you choose where and when edge servers are deployed and who has access to your content.  Your user base is unique, and you can tailor your deployment to deliver high-quality video with the lowest latency possible.

With Onwards Reach, all the edge servers are under your full control, and that means no third-party CDN has the keys to your content.  If you’re concerned about security, using your own equipment lets you control all security rights and access.

With any OTT Solution, making sure your licensed content is protected is of the utmost importance.  Onwards Reach supports DRM and the latest secured streaming options to make sure the content is only available to your intended viewers.

Allow users to view specific content based on their subscription status, geographic location, or any other factors you choose.  User authentication is available, or we can integrate with your subscriber management system.

Interactive User Experience

Every Onwards Reach edge server can act as an ingest point to take in live streams or video uploads.  Make your solution interactive by allowing users to upload their own streams and content to share with other users.

All of their content can be monitored, and streams can be transcoded live to serve other different devices and players.

Analytic Reports

Track everything!  Our reporting engine can use any data your player can send back, including:

  • Live channel and VOD viewership
  • Device and software client used for playback
  • Stream type
  • Performance metrics (time to first frame, buffering, etc.)
  • Many more!

Monitor channel stats live and look at trends over time to get an idea of where your viewers are going.  All these reports can be generated on-demand or on a schedule.