Video on demand management

Onwards Pro has a feature-rich content management portal ready to ingest your videos for encoding and streaming, including a web portal and API to upload and manage your content.  That includes adding your metadata and tags, advanced processing options like facial recognition and subtitle generation, and working with large volumes of content processed through HTTP, FTP, or a hard-disk mount.


Onwards Pro comes with encoding options to easily ingest live video sources or files through a web portal, an API, or from mobile devices.

Onwards Pro supports the following video file formats - MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, VOB, M4V, AVI, 3GP, MPG. Once the video file is uploaded, it will be encoded into different resolutions and formats you specify, including adaptive bitrate output to ensure the highest definition content can be served to end users based on their network conditions.

Package and Ready to Stream

Streaming video can be packaged as HLS, MPEG-DASH, or ISO-live MP4 formats to distribute to various end user devices.  Onwards Pro can also take a live stream and convert it to a VOD format.

H.264, HEVC

Onwards Pro supports H.264 for both ingest and packaging, which is widely supported by most devices used today.  HEVC (or H.265) can also be used to reduce storage requirements and video bitrate by as much as 50% while maintaining high image quality.  Even though HEVC isn’t supported by most user devices yet, as time goes on that will become the new standard and Onwards Pro is ready for that future.

 Live channel processing and broadcasting

Using the web portal, you can easily create, read, update, and delete live channels, monitor the signal health status, control thumbnail generation, set archiving rules, and access a host of other features. Onwards Pro supports ingesting raw signals into our platform through:

・RTMP      ・RTSP      TS over HTTP      

・TS over UDP      ・TS over IGMP      ・Capture card

As the content is ingested, you can set rules for transcoding, processing, and packaging to get your stream ready for distribution and fanout.

You can also incorporate existing channels and manage them within Onwards Pro.  The platform can take in 3rd party channel sources as your own content, add meta-data and tags for to help with search and filtering, and you can optionally transcode and re-package that same content before distributing to your end users.

 Low latency broadcasting

Onwards Pro can be configured to support low latency broadcasting with less than 1 second between ingest and display.

 Mobile live broadcast

Create an interactive experience for your end users by allowing them to record and stream their own content!  Onwards Pro empowers mobile users to stream video through RTMP or RTSP, which would then be packaged and broadcast to the intended audience.

Platform operators can monitor the streaming content in real-time through the web portal, and block any inappropriate channels from broadcasting when needed.

All live contents can be archived into VODs for reuse, and your users will never miss a good show.

 Monetisation options

Onwards Pro supports multiple business models for your enterprise with various monetisation

Subscription based

For a subscription-based model, Onwards Pro can be easily integrated with a 3rd-party payment gateway, such as Google IAB.  Create any subscription plan and charge the subscribers based off any pricing model.  You can manage all users details in our web portal, or integrate with your choice of user database.


Advertisement integration

For an advertisement based model, Onwards Pro allows operators to manage different types of ads or integrate with 3rd-party ad servers.  Ads can be played as at any point in a video or live stream, including pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, through real-time insertion, or displayed as an overlay on top of the content.  With user demographic data (like age or location), targeted advertisements can be deployed to maximise the value for both advertisers and audience.

Onwards Pro also supports server-side ad insertion (ad stitching) for live channels to overcome ad blockers and other advertisement challenges.

 Data Analytics

Full suite of data analytics to support your needs, Onwards Pro breaks down analytics into content type, client type, device type, and any other categories you specify.   For example, standard metrics like video view count, viewing time per session, total buffering time, bitrate averages, etc.  You can adjust your content strategy, subscription plan, advertisement packages, or distribution server deployment based on that data analysis.

 Private or 3rd party CDN

Providing a stable and smooth viewing experience to your users is key.  Depending on where your target users are distributed and the availability of infrastructure, you have the option to build your own CDN with our edge software, or link it with any 3rd-party CDN providers.  You also have the option to build a hybrid CDN if needed.

 Content security and protection

Securing your content is paramount when creating any OTT solution.  Whether the content is yours, you’ve licensed it, or it’s user-generated, you need assurance that your data is well protected from offline sharing, re-distribution, and hacking.  Onwards Pro provides multiple layers of security options, including content encryption with customisable key management and complete DRM (Digital Right Management) solution integration.

 Flexible hosting options

It is your OTT platform, and you have complete control.  You can host it with your own servers, use a cloud service provider such as AWS, or work with our recommended partners.

 Scalable Architecture

All our technical components are built to scale.  Our clients have been using Onwards Pro software to reach 10s of millions of users.