CDN Efficiency Boost

Users who are watching the same video will be able to share the encrypted video data with each other, meaning that not all requests need be served by your CDN. As a result, there is less load on your CDN and you end up being charged less for bandwidth while serving more users.

How does this work?

When a client device sends a request to watch a particular video, Onwards Multiplier will look for options to serve that video content.  The data can be retrieved from your CDN’s edge servers, from other users, or other networked devices you specify.  Our algorithm will make decisions on the fly to find the optimal sources for serving that content.  The algorithm updates itself dynamically based on local network conditions, the past performance of the sources in your network, and other factors.

If there aren’t any other users available, users can always get their content directly from your CDN to ensure a smooth viewing experience.

All streaming video content is delivered in discrete segments, and once a user receives a video segment they can share with other users on the network.  As more users are added, the network becomes stronger and more sources become available.  This maximises the efficiency between devices and ensures that you can continue delivering high quality video even when there are spikes in viewership.

 Deliver Content Securely

Onwards Multiplier adds another layer of encryption on top of any content security mechanism you already have in place in your existing platform.  Data transferred between authenticated devices is protected by DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security), which cannot be interpreted by any third party.  Even if the data is intercepted during transmission, or extracted from a device, that data will not be playable.

Encrypted data chunks from your edge servers are sent unaltered, with the content decrypted only by the end-user’s player.  As a result, DRM is fully supported and isn’t impacted by using Onwards Multiplier.

 Improve Viewing Experience

CDN edge servers are meant to be as close to end clients as possible (measured by network layers, latency, and bandwidth), but even in the best circumstances those servers can be further away than other viewers.

Onwards Multiplier enables a more optimal network of devices where each client has a better chance to get their content faster, and as a result get a smoother viewing experience.  This improvement in quality is even more significant in places where your CDN does not have local physical servers.

Onwards Multiplier removes the liability of relying only the CDN’s infrastructure, and allows more devices to become edges.  When a user wants to watch a video, they will be served faster by having more sources available.

 Flexible and Highly Scalable Architecture

Onwards Multiplier is designed to be compatible with existing infrastructure with minimum integration work, and can be run on top of most existing OTT platforms.  You do not need to waste any of the expensive software and servers that are already in place.

Onwards Multiplier easily scales with your viewership.  With minimal hardware requirements, the incremental cost per additional viewer is significantly lower compared to a traditional approach.

  Cross Platform Support

Onwards Multiplier can be run on Web, Android and iOS apps, and works with live and VOD content.  Many streaming protocols are supported, including HLS, MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, and HDS.