Immediate Cost Savings

With Onwards Multiplier, you’ll see your CDN’s bandwidth cost go down immediately.  Onwards will partner with you to implement the solution, and we only make money when you see the CDN savings.  You’ll have access to reports showing exactly how much you’re saving, and Onwards will be with you at every step.

Onwards Multiplier can be used on top of existing infrastructure, minimizing the startup cost and saving the need to replace expensive software and equipment.

Improved Video Quality

With any OTT solution, your users sign up for the content you can deliver, but they stay because of the quality and consistency of the viewing experience.  With Onwards Multiplier, you’re creating a mesh network for users that is stronger than a CDN alone and is designed to handle any sharp increases in viewers without sacrificing quality, minimising the chance of buffering and interruptions

Easy Integration

Onwards Multiplier is built on top of industry standard technologies and protocols, to ensure high compatibility across any of your existing infrastructure, servers, and devices.

Using our knowledge in video streaming, networking, and client-side communications, Onwards Multiplier allows client devices that are consuming the same content to share with each other efficiently.