Second Screen Made Easy

Onwards Bridge makes it easy to sync a user’s phone with what’s on screen using only the microphone.  Based on the audio coming from your TV show or video content, Onwards Bridge finds exactly what you’re looking at and retrieves the appropriate content.

This works with on-demand content, live broadcast content, and can work with inaudible, high-frequency audio tags when audible sound isn’t an option.  Pre-built SDKs are available for iOS and Android development, ready to be integrated with your application.

Flexible Content Delivery

Onwards Bridge gives you the flexibility to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time. If you’ve included a product placement in your TV show and you want to route the viewer to an e-commerce page, you can. Beyond direct sales, there are other options to encourage brand loyalty or even to inspire more social media engagement.

Maybe you want to use your app as a way for viewers to enter a contest at a certain time, or maybe you want to reward attentive viewers with a targeted coupon.

We make it easy to add tags to your video content, so the right content is delivered at the right time. Different points in your TV show or video may call for different viewer actions, and you can fine tune the experience to meet what you need. Onwards Bridge delivers the content you want only at the time ranges in the video you specify, giving your viewers a frictionless opportunity to take the next step.

Advanced Syncing Intelligence

Onwards Bridge incorporates advanced audio-matching algorithms designed to match your content quickly and accurately even when there is ambient noise.  99% of matches are done within one second, delivering your users the content you want rapidly.  Matching can be done up to 30 meters from the TV screen or audio source, and does not require line-of-sight.