Bridging the Marketing Gap: Turning Attention into Action

by Dan Karlin,  Last updated: July 4, 2018 at 6:46 am 

One of the challenges facing companies today is reaching prospects and customers that are being inundated with information all day every day.  No longer content with a single screen, approximately 70% of adults in the U.S. will also use a phone or tablet regularly while watching TV.  Traditional advertising in a TV show works on the assumption that a viewer’s attention is maintained during commercial breaks.  In reality, many viewers are simply focusing on their second screen content and those TV ads that used to work so well become woefully ineffective.

This is one example, but for marketers of all stripes this is a growing problem.  In physical store environments, watching streaming media, or simply walking in a public space, there is no longer any way to ensure engagement with your content when everyone has a smartphone.  You can’t have a captive audience for any message if everyone can retreat to their own digital world at a moment’s notice.

Given this environment, if you’re a marketer working in 2018 there are two major concerns that must be addressed:

1.)    How can I capture the attention of enough potential customers?
2.)    Once I have someone’s attention (however brief), how can I make the most of it?

One option is to concentrate on embedded advertisements and product placement within the content of the show itself.  With inserted ad breaks users have a clear indicator of when they can tune out, but with product placement the content of the show and your product are much more closely aligned and harder to separate.  This certainly isn’t the only option, but it is a way to cut down on the fragmentation of your audience’s attention.

Now let’s say you’ve gone down the product placement path or jumped through another hoop to get your message in front of a viewer, the second step is getting those viewers to translate their attention to an action.  This action could be as simple as getting that viewer to look up the product on an ecommerce site and make a purchase, or if it’s a brick and mortar experience you may be trying to deliver a coupon as a reminder or incentive for your audience to visit at a later date.  If your marketing goal is to drive audience engagement, maybe the “action” you want your audience to take is to post something on social media.  In any case, a marketer’s ultimate goal is to get their audience to take an action of some sort, and that action could take a number of forms.

This is where Onwards Bridge comes in.

Introducing Onwards Bridge

Onwards Bridge is a new tool that marketers can use to turn a viewer’s attention into action.  This is done by giving your audience the ability to sync their phone with your content through the touch of a button.  Whether it’s making a purchase, delivering a coupon, or starting a conversation on social media, the smartphones that could be taking attention away from your product can now be used to increase engagement.

How does this work?  Onwards Bridge works by using ACR, or audio content recognition.  This provides a seamless way for your mobile app to sync with what your viewers are seeing on-screen.  Onwards Bridge allows fast, accurate identification of your content wherever it is being shown, and then sends the viewer to the content you’ve specified.

The marketing landscape is constantly shifting, with media consumption habits changing radically from what they were just a few years ago.  Onwards Bridge is a new tool in the marketer’s toolbox to make the most out of their viewer’s interaction with your content.  Interested in learning more?  Check out the links below.

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