OVStream Technology Background

Before 2011, Onwards founders foresaw the video cloud would dominate the internet world, which traditional CDN with transmission protocol could reach a bottleneck within a decade. Giant operators buyout fibre companies and the amount of video uploaded to web everyday is in exponential rate. There is imminent need to have a ground breaking technology to resolve the situation. By then the blueprint of OVStream has been drafted.

With Streaming, CDN, Cache, Communications and Networking expertise in the team, Onwards developed a protocol which enables real time communications and imitates the internet as a whole for data transmission.

OVStream – Node, Cloud, Data

For system using OVStream protocol, each node should consider every data stream consists of pieces of information. We take advantage with the idea of data multiplexer with artificial intelligence, that allows OVStream recipient able to get every piece of information in the OVStream cloud in the most efficient way.

Any object recipient considers he/she is talking to the cluster to get the information needed, in the same way another object recipients which inside the cluster could merely see the other recipient as individual but edges of the cluster.

OVS Network is a loosely connected system

Internet is connected in a loosely distributed system. There is no specific path of one piece of data to be transmitted to the destination. Similarly, OVStream system does not follow any pattern in transmitting data, instead the selection of data is totally depending on the real time network condition.

This is why OVStream system would take off the stress from any particular component in the system, and there is no single point of failure within the system.

OVS Network with Positive Curvature 

To lift end users into the cloud for the highest efficiency and to create a positive curvature on the system so object can flow in all directions, are the aims and main challenge of the OVStream system.

There are parameters in every component in the network, which allows every participant to know their virtual location in the system and relative distance of required path in order to obtain the object required.


OVStream Algorithm and Comparison

In order to implement such complicated system the algorithm behind contains many parameters to calculate the below items:
– shortest path to data object
– the size of the OVStream network
– the speed of data transmission
– probability of object availability by the time requests arrived
– the amount of object that the particular network node can keep
– retransmission successful rate

We understand there are a number of similar protocol which has OVStream protocol properties, and here are is the comparison to show how OVS is better than other protocol:

Technology 2

OVStream with Artificial Intelligence

Neural network and other mathematical models have been implied during the process in order to provide artificial intelligence into the system. Similar techniques are being used for our facial recognition module and advertisement module.

Pattern Recognition helps to answer question like “ask who for object x” based on “experience” for each component.

Sample Network Diagram