Out of the Band CDN System

Traditionally there is no way to cross using CDN data. Media store into one CDN system, only can be served within the system. This is what we called In Band CDN System. Onwards has overcome this by introducing Out of the Band CDN System, the overall development time is less than 3 months. Onwards introduced a pluggable module which allows out of the band data to directly connected to system cache in media layer. With this additional module, clients which has OVAS installed now be able to receive data from any CDN network via OVS system, which reduces the cost of service providers while they can still keep their existing infrastructure.

Out of the Band CDN with OCDN

Cloud Gaming System

Cloud Gaming requires instant response between player, while cloud server would create the media stream towards the client. OCDN establish connections between players and game servers, which offload the game servers load and allow faster response between local gamers.


The development needed is backend integration between OVLS and Game server, and Interactive receive control is HTTP based, which can be easily adopted by game developers.

Cloud Gaming System with OCDN

Video Conferencing System

Traditionally Video Conference architecture of based on PSTN VoIP technology, the backend infrastructure is heavy and complicated, maintenance is hard and expensive. Just for managing connections session, there requires a SIP server to handle that, there could be TURN servers and STUN servers for all different purposes, which cannot be reused for other applications.


Applying onto OCDN network is straightforward. Onwards has developed an module video capturing module before, so the integration is to connect the module into OVAS interactive layer, and also need to develop the interface for OVLS to connect to a user directory server. With OCDN, the service is not limited to Video Conference, which can also be for home surveillance and real-time chatting or push-to-talk applications.

Video Conference over OCDN network