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Onwards fundamental core OCDN technology is based on Onwards own defined OVS protocol. This proprietary protocol defined ways and method for real time communication and short latency media transmission, that allows Onwards to have short time to market to other competitors, or always keep ahead on what the other competitors can do.


OCDN is defined into 4 logical layers which dedicated functions fall into them. They are modular and expandable, which allows us easily to put different services onto the system.

Logical Diagram of Onwards Overlay CDN System
There are cases that Onwards has experienced and reacted quickly with minimum development effort by making use of the OCDN technology.



Onwards Video Access Service is a callable standard service application, that is the missing piece of the future CDN and the keys component of future interactive application.

OVAS is a middleware which written in C, that is expandable and portable software for difference devices. OVAS enables devices to access OCDN via OVS protocol, and the APIs of OVAS facilitate application developers to fast deployment of complicated services.

OVAS Architecture
OVAS sits right above Core OS in device which collects device low level data. As is it an application service, it runs in background with minimal resources required. Externally, OVAS runs on OVS protocol, which is Onwards proprietary protocol that Onwards built from OSI level 3. OVS is a modified UDP protocol with specific purpose for CDN and Interactive usage.