Knowing your community at your fingertips.

With rapidly advancing technology change in household, home builder and property management companies see this as opportunity to provide service for replacing traditional broadcast TV into their content platform for offering interactive experience as part of their hospitality services. In order to success in this integration, OMG plays important role to create this solution for them, and its launching this new OMG property platform


Our Advantages

Traditional OTT operators depend on the loyalty of viewers and monthly or annual subscription payment to boost their big dream. However, from mobile operators we can see this model would not work. People would rather pay-as-you-go to save the opportunity cost. Yet, this model is very easy to copy, which will introduce price war and cut throat.

Instead, we should be an innovator to provide a new ecosystem, which enables multidimensional transactions happen. Make viewing a fun and interactive experience. The way we do it is by closing the gap between content and apps for interested parties. We should treat OTT as an ubiquitous media, and we should monetize it by experience. As we truly understand that the limitation of user experience is our imagination; so instead of limiting the possible user experience, we invite everyone to play with us (pay to us).

Onwards develop a full set of software which provides better user experience in video streaming. We provide customized Set Top Box solutions with video delivery and management backend. Set Top Box with our customized kernel brings new and unique interactive user experience for additional advertisements and games revenue. We can also bring in official live and VOD content from content providers through our partners. We invite participants to interactive polling and express their view in real-time.

In short, we provide a platform, which is open to developers to access our authorized content and handle all transactions involved through our matured payment gateway system. It is more than the apps store for content. Our Interactive TV platform is the market place of the Media App world.


Our Services

Video Services
What to measure and how to measure are always challenge to advertisers, OMG property platform deploys the SMART advertisement feature allowing client has fully control of what household need to watch, when to watch, measure exactly the reaction from household, end-user response and offering many types of roll out appearance that all features together helping maximize effectiveness from the advertisers.

OMG captures and encodes stable and high quality live video and distributed in managed low network requirements.  Time shifting and recorded live streaming are enabled.

We provide selection of movies and dramas with OTT license and copyrights. Resident’s viewing history is recorded and can be reviewed anytime.

Video advertisement can appear in as pre-roll and mid-roll, or real time pushed by platform.  Advertisement data can be embedded in video, and when user triggered while watching, coupon or retail news would appear on screen.

Polling, Animation and Mini Game can be installed inside video, which allows users to interact with the system to trigger in app purchase.  Advertisements from supermarkets, KTV, spa, restaurants, cinemas, travel agents can be incorporated.

Service 1

Service 2

Management Services
Collaborating with your merchants around the community for creating one stop shopping experience, OMG property platform already includes merchant module to turn client households into a small society model, each household can benefit to choose what their favorite merchants to shop, order, delivery through one billing process, and the system empower merchants creating product list, promotion, sales items and etc. to access OMG property platform.

Updated pricing, advertising and promotion and Coupons is released in real time basis in form of QR Codes or others.  Residents can place order and send service request via our network.  Regular purchase (newspaper, breakfast order) and special request is accepted in our system.

Residents can log in our system and review the outstanding management fee, car park, rental, express delivery, mobile payment and club house expenses.

Property Management newsletter and notices can be released via our system. All notices of upcoming events of the real estate and photos of events will be displayed via our system.

Reservation and booking to the events and club house facilities can be arranged via our network. Billings will be charged through the management service.

Real time transport news and network flow is provided via our network.  Weather forecast around the real estate area is updated.

Service 3

Service 4

Community Services
Residents can log in our system and place car park, apartment rental and sale advertisement.

Two-way communications for residents to put advertisement such as tutorial class, sports coaching, instrumental class in our system.  Other residents who are interested in the service provided can contact and make arrangement via our system.

Line up retail for large amount purchase with better discount.  Grouped coupons and other discounting e-commerce marketplaces have individual account in our system with updated products, pricing and promotion period displayed via our network.  Advertising and promotion (QR Code) is released in real time basis.  Residents can place order or leave bulk buy request through our system.

Service 5
Custom Apps and Games
Property management has custom Apps built via our system.

Cloud gaming and licensed game which can incorporated into our adv system.

Service 6