O2O 1O2O is short of Online to offline which basically defined as combination of offline business opportunities and online platform by attracting users online and directing them to offline physical stores. Performing as online foreground, online platform offer promotion and transaction to customers and collect demand at the same time. Offline business would see growth benefiting from lower customer acquiring cost and provide better customer experience.

In China, the online sales and marketing expenditure has undergone rapid growth between 2010 and 2014. During these years, the total expenditure of online sales and marketing has increased from RMB544.9 billion in 2010 to RMB1,661.2 billion in 2014, representing a CAGR of 32.1%, but the CAGR for offline expenditure in the same period was only 8.1%.

The expenditure is expected to witness a further growth and the market size of online marketing expenditure is likely to rise to RMB4,809.2 billion in 2019. This expenditure is for service providers which have quality consumers and advanced solution platform.

Onwards O2O Platform

Onwards O2O Platform is a one-stop solution enabling enterprise clients transfer their existing business model to new O2O business model which incorporate offline resources in online business.

OMG solution provides a seamless way to expand the overall user experience of our viewers by increasing stickiness to online users and compliments to service providers who have direct access to the customers. This optimizes merchants business model and end users experience. In addition, our solution would help enterprise enhance efficiency and productivity.O2O 2
• Compliance to Standards
• SP Monetization
• Content and CDN Flexibility
• Technology Advancement
• Simplify Integration
• Fully customizable

Compare with online shopping sites and other O2O solutions, Onwards solution enables existing offline enterprise to promote and reach passive online users in an innovative and accurate way. Onwards expertise on online video industries
allows us provide better user experience, also enables Onwards to collect user habit and so we could push Promotions, Services and Advertisements to online TV audience without lowering viewers quality of services.

O2O 3Retails and offline shops can attract and enjoy digital marketing through our O2O business solutions. We provide information, services, reservation system, booking discount (QR Code) and push messages to our viewers, who in return will be converted into potential customers of various business especially in consumer goods and services such as restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas, ktv, transport, household maintenance, fitness and beauty salon.

Through our platform with the help of real time advertisement and other digital marketing campaigns on promotions like e-coupons or e-vouchers, retails can track and monitor customer behaviour and buying habit. Business owners can capitalise the promotional deals with integration of our online payment systems and tracking redemption of promotions.

Our O2O business solutions empower business owners to build a more scalable, transparent and data driven organisation. The collection of new data enriches business CRM strategy and paves the way for new loyalty, membership or VIP programs to be implemented. In short, improving shoppers’ overall experience and increasing corporate revenue.