Comparison with Traditional Hotel Entertainment System

Traditional Hotel Entertainment System evolved from Antenna TV signal, which mainly is analogue with radio and one or two hotel introductory videos. More advance one would include VOD, however system is expensive, with not so good quality and the selection of content is very narrow.

With experience in Interactive TV and OTT, Onwards has been repeatedly requested by customer for a customized Hotel Entertainment System. Onwards allows hotel to have full control of the content by providing specific in house backend management system. That works with our encoders and video streamers which provides full video streaming experience that can create hotel channel, live content, and VOD playback anywhere in hotel with Wifi coverage. We have close partnerships with content providers and advertisers which allows hotel operators to introduce games and other in room services. The beauty of all is that Onwards system would not sacrifice the viewing experience while pushing real-time hotel information to customers. Most importantly, all guest data would be handled automatically.客房管理-客户列表-添加客户-日期

Minimum Configuration
Even though bandwidth requirement is necessary for guaranteed streaming quality, Onwards is experienced to modify and know how to distribute and balance hotel network to ensure each room quality of service. We understand it costs a lot for doing any long time modification within hotel room, and some hotel groups needs to keep their room intact for deploying the system. Onwards system can run on both WiFi and Ethernet over Coax (EoC). We have long term partner with professional WiFi company which customized hotel access point with customized captive portal for Onwards to provide best video streaming experience.