OMG Hotel Platform

Video Services

OMG captures and encodes stable and high quality live video and distributed in managed low network requirements.  

Time shifting and recorded live streaming are enabled.  We provide selection of movies and dramas with OTT license and copyrights.  Resident’s viewing history is recorded and can be reviewed anytime.

Beside video, we also connect radio with available stations and selection of Music with OTT license and copyrights.  Just click play to listen.  

Video advertisement can appear in as pre-roll and mid-roll, or real time pushed by platform.  Advertisement data can be embedded in video, and when user triggered while watching, coupon or retail news would appear on screen.

olling, Animation and Mini Game can be installed inside video, which allows users to interact with the system to trigger in app purchase.



Hotel Facilities

All hotel facilities booking and payment are settled via our hotel management system.  Hotel guests can log in to our system and place all room service request such as wake up call, in room video conference, order meal, laundry, parking, booking sports facilities.  

Our system provides one stop shop for hotel guests as we partnered with retails, shopping arcade, souvenir stores, supermarkets.  Updated shopping cart, pricing, promotion and delivery arrangement will be promoted via our system.  

We accept various payment options: Visa, Alipay, Paypal, Unionpay, membership credit, etc. Our system can combine with hotel VIP program in listing promotion, limited time offer to VIPs and members rewards.



Catering and Events

For banquets and special celebrations, outside service providers such as event organizer, beauty salon, florist, photography, decoration, gift shop have individual account in our system.  Hotel customers can log in to our system and place order for their events.  Customer data and billing will be processed through our system.  

Coupons (QR Code) by service providers can be arranged and delivered to customers.  Grouped coupons and other discounting e-commerce marketplaces have individual account in our system with updated products, pricing and promotion period displayed via our network.

For trade fair and corporate events, group package and travel arrangement will be provided by travel agents and update in our system.  Corporate clients can log in to our system and arrange their events. Real time conferencing broadcast to viewers or participants all over the world.  Promotion from trade fairs (advertisement) or coupons by travel agents (QR Code) can be delivered to hotel guests through our system.



Tour and Activities

Hotel guests can have their transportation arranged, e.g. taxi, hotel shuttle, airport bus via our system.  

We partner with various travel agents and ticketing office. All tour package, tickets for cultural and sports events, other promotion and advertisement will be updated in our system.

Hotel guests can log in to check updated schedule and pricing; book tickets and have seating arranged.  

Advertisement and promotional coupons (QR Code) can be delivered to hotel guests via our system.