OMG hotel solution helping the traditional “hotel TV” into “Smart Entertainment Platform” that bring in-room TV into a world of content and apps for your guests. This complete solution offers hardware and software integration that drives hotel new revenue and brand recognition plus enhancing guest satisfaction and loyalty.

The uniqueness of the system is that Onwards developed our own protocol that uses high data compression and leverages on very low bandwidth to deliver high definition content to the big screen television without any distortion. Our protocol OVS, also provides features including device monitoring, quality of service control, big data collection and interactive communications to viewers.

With all licensed Live and VOD content and unique content distribution technology and device management technology, Onwards got a substantial share and knowledge on OTT market. In order to satisfy various customers need, from operating video content, Onwards has developed a Hotel Entertainment Platform which customer information can flow into the screen while viewer enjoying their TV Shows and viewers behaviour being feedback into the management system.