Video Management Portal

Video Management Portal provides a mean for users to securely log into their accounts to upload, encode, tag and modify video content. The portal also provides comprehensive analytic tool and graphs for customer to understand better the viewers pattern and top videos.

Video Management Portal allows users to easily put their live and VOD video into mobile portal, mobile apps and web.

Cloud Encoder

Onwards video hosting team has both expertise on video codec and video format. Therefore, in order to shorten the publishing time, all VOD files for HTTP Live Streaming, HTTP Smooth Streaming, HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Pseudo Streaming are all generated upon request by the device from the same file.

In case of video serving for IOS application, large video needs to be served in HTTP Live Streaming with dynamic bit rate supported. Based on DASH technology, our encoding and real time segmentation technology for video hosted in our platform with same source are approved.

Media Player

Video hosting display on website with our Onwards Video Playback which is and Flash Media Playback client based on OSMF 2.0, provides the best viewer experience to your visitors.

All features of all OSMF are supported, including Stage Video with display hardware acceleration, HTTP Dynamic Streaming for adaptive streaming. In additional, Onwards Video Playback supports OSMF 2.0 Best Effort streaming, which is live streaming resume on client side after user lost internet connection.

Additional Onwards Video Playback features for Onwards hosting:

  • HTTP Pseudo-Streaming
  • Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, End-Roll Display
  • Picture and Picture Video Display
  • Rolling Text Display
  • Media Box Display
  • OVStreaming Web Plugin Support