Onwards Video Hosting Platform a leading provider of video hosting over cloud technology, provides a series of functions including video ingestion, encode, publish and distribute the world’s professional digital media in both live and archive format. With Onwards in-house encoding and streaming software, Video Hosting Platform which sits on cloud or partnered data center provides the highest availability and scalability for media services for all PCs, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.

Video Management Portal

Video Management Portal provides a mean for users to securely log into their accounts to upload, encode, tag and modify video content. The portal also provides comprehensive analytic tool and graphs for customer to understand better the viewers pattern and top videos.

Video Management Portal allows users to easily put their live and VOD video into mobile portal, mobile apps and web.

Video Management API

Onwards video hosting different to the others because our video hosting is Platform as a Service. We provides API, documentation and testing tools for developers whom would like to build a VMS of their on our infrastructure.

There are three types of API data supported by the system. They are Command, Media and Analytic respectively. Command API is XML based RESTful API which allows content ingestion, storage, prepare and publish. Media API allows customer to generate dynamic media thumbnail and retrieve video source from cloud. Analytic API provides near real time logging of video usage and viewer information including those geographic, device and network related.

Users can integrate Onwards Video Hosting modules into their existing CMS or application system with their own brand and user interface.

Remote Encoder

Onwards Remote Encoder encodes live video from capture devices, IP video, file based or display capture with source synchronization marker and sends to our hosting network.

Software based 64-bit encoder allow encode video with variable profiles from QVGA to 1080p Full HD in high quality. Remote Encoder supports logo overlay on output stream instead of those commonly done on input source for best logo quality.

As our own remote encoder is tightly integrated with our cloud media server, full redundancy of multiple video streams for live video dynamic adaptive streaming for any device is our strength as well.

Optional information including video snapshot and logo detection signal are also possible.

Cloud Encoder

As expert in video delivery, Onwards Video Hosting does not rely on third party streaming technology. With end-to-end control in video delivery, video hosted in our platform can reach all devices via different streaming technology.

Video is encoded once, and the single copy of the encoded content will be segmented and distributed on the fly. With our simple form of URL request, video streaming with adaptive bitrate can be triggered. Our platform is compliant to IOS application guideline* , and our team of experts provide fastest response and resolution for our customers.

Supported streaming mechanism includes:

  • RTSP (Android, Blackberry and mobile supported)
  • HTTP Live Streaming (iOS devices and Apps)
  • HTTP Dynamic Streaming (Flash, OSMF player)
  • HTTP Smooth Streaming (Windows Phone)
  • HTTP Pseudo-Streaming (Flash player)
  • RTMP (Flash player)
  • OVStream

With enchanced logging mechanism, even for HTTP streaming and OVStream, streaming session are clearly logged.

* Video streaming content over a cellular network longer than 10 minutes must use HTTP Live and include a baseline 64 kbps audio-only HTTP Live stream.

Media Player

Video hosting display on website with our Onwards Video Playback which is and Flash Media Playback client based on OSMF 2.0, provides the best viewer experience to your visitors.

All features of all OSMF are supported, including Stage Video with display hardware acceleration, HTTP Dynamic Streaming for adaptive streaming. In additional, Onwards Video Playback supports OSMF 2.0 Best Effort streaming, which is live streaming resume on client side after user lost internet connection.

Additional Onwards Video Playback features for Onwards hosting:

  • HTTP Pseudo-Streaming
  • Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, End-Roll Display
  • Picture and Picture Video Display
  • Rolling Text Display
  • Media Box Display
  • OVStreaming Web Plugin Support