Onwards considers innovative and users experience are equally important in our product. There are 3 decisive elements which Interactivity cannot be missed:

  1. Timing
  2. Appearance
  3. Ease of Use

Onwards is experience on real time communications, therefore by using OVS protocol, Onwards enables those interactivity with real time.

For appearance wise, we could make the viewing experience more engaging with a carousel of advertisements. If the viewer wants to further explore the promotions rolling on the carousel, just click and the information will be expanded.

Without interrupting the video being watched, overlay of advertisements can be displayed from time to time to attract the viewers.

We can go even deeper with interactivity features such as allowing users to pick their own avatar, which will be shown on the screen and make announcements at certain time points according to viewer’s interest and needs.

Other kinds of interactive advertisement video like quiz, polling or advertisement to a video by providing information at the borders while cornering the video. As part of the viewing experience, viewers are prompted to click button and answer specific questions to specific time slots within the video. Not only enriching overall viewing experience, we can also provide higher revenue stream for our counterparts by analyzing viewer engagement through our robust analytics reports.

Our video interactivity is not only timely and caters to variety of appearances, it is also very user friendly. We understand most viewers are passive, they do not like to click and tell advertisers what they like. Therefore Onwards always explores any mean of innovative input method, from remote, voice, gesture and even more.

FaceAdv is one of the example:

With our own Facial Recognition and Eye-Ball Tracking algorithm, we apply on-screen viewer focus tracker as virtual input method of our video. We can locate the products that attract the viewers. Related advertisement of that particular products or similar items will then pop out. As the viewer continues her viewing experience, new advertisements of products that caught her attention will appear and stack up on the left side of the screen.

Our on-screen focus tracker can even detect multiple products at the same time. In FaceAdv, as all the advertisements were stacked up on the left side of the screen, viewer can touch the bubble to expand the list of advertisements. The advertisements provide information on the products and QR Codes of the related websites and promotions. When finished browsing, viewer can touch the bubble again and collapse the list of advertisements and continue her viewing.

At the end of each video, all advertisements were showed and lined up on screen. Viewer can touch on any of the advertisement to check it out and explore.