When the role of mobile devices changes and channel of getting free content increases, advertisement revenue takes up the important of content providers’ source of income.

Beside the traditional advertisement model, digitalization creates both benefit and opportunity to allow the flexibility and accuracy for deliverying product key message to target audiences through online advertisements.

Current online trends:

  • more than any point in history of online advertising, we’re at the point where major brand advertisers are finaly looking to digital media as a central part of their marketing efforts.
  • clients and partners want complete solutions that work across all screens: desktop, mobile, tablet and, in near future, television
  • “Measurability” – Clients invest serious money only when they can measure the results

Onwards Video Advertisement Management platform supports video delivery for both mobile and web. From both platform, player and Apps, we put various of advertisment flavours in our features.

On display, advertisement can be shown in various ways like Picture in Picture, Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Linear interruption.

On system side, psuedo-live channel with advertisements and encoder with video cue tone and other form of advertisement detection allow advertisement to be swapped from source upon delivery to target audience.

Video Advertisement Management System

Ad 3Onwards has clearly positioned our advertisement product to be operation friendly, and fair to customer and viewers. It provides tools for content or service operator to sell advertisement package to advertisers. Advertisement packages are mapped with different content, time, location and price. It has a smart calculating method to avoid single advertisement being shown every time to every viewers.

Different advertisers can allocation different budget for the buying advertisement packages, which means the platform is open for big and small advertisers, and content would not be dictated by specific advertiser.

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Realtime graph and downloadable reports are for advertisers to see how much of their online advertising dollars have used.

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Advertiser not only can use our tool to upload their advertisement, but they also can make use of our Video Hosting product to upload and encode the advertisement video.

Specific Advertisement viewership and budget spent for the particular advertisement is clearly shown in our system, which allows advertisers to make quick decision on the effectiveness of their advertisement in order to provide any special promotion in particular time, i.e. while viewer is viewing specific content at specific time.


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