Onwards video hosting team has both expertise on video codec and video format. Therefore, in order to shorten the publishing time, all VOD files for HTTP Live Streaming, HTTP Smooth Streaming, HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Pseudo Streaming are all generated upon request by the device from the same file.

In case of video serving for IOS application, large video needs to be served in HTTP Live Streaming with dynamic bit rate supported. Based on DASH technology, our encoding and real time segmentation technology for video hosted in our platform with same source are approved.

Onwards Offline Encoder enables our video management system to provide the extraordinary user experience. The encoder server includes a set of interfaces which allows user to monitor realtime encoding status remotely and also allows to capture important information regarding content source and encoded videos.

Onwards Offline Encoder runs encoding process in multi-threading mode which is the key of our high performance video encoder. As the encoder runs on Linux environment only that makes our encoder reliable and stable even in operator standard.

Without the burden of fancy UI application interface, we leave our encoder do the core business; in the same time we enables content owner to have high visibility on the encoding process and content involved with our standard XML based Restful API.

Onwards Offline Encoder provides a list of interface to allow administrator to query the information of file source, to make sure file ingested is correct. There is flexibility in assigning encoding profiles, so video can be encoded for small screen devices up to HD TV. During encoding process, encoder server allows administrator to query the encoding progress and estimated completion time remotely.

Our Encoder Features
– Source Deinterlacing
– Extraction of Source Information
– Realtime encoding process monitoring
– Realtime Thumbnail creation
– RESTful API for remote control
– Batch Encoding / Watch Dog encoding process
– Callback for video upload and encoding completion

Onwards Offline Encoder allows tight integration with service provider content management system which we have demostrated in our video management system*. The powerful encoder server not only allows source deinterlace but also real time thumbnail creation of the encoded video.

Video Encoder 1Video Encoder 2

Batch video ingestion and encoding allows saving lots of manual effort and avoiding error in human manipulation. There are HTTP Callback on encoder servers which will fire necessary information to adminitrator or video centre which locates remotely for any status update and action required.

Onwards Offline Encoder Datasheet

Onwards Offline Encoder provides highly customizable interface for content providers and service owner to manage and produces high quality video in different formats and dimensions to adapt the ever changing display devices.

Platform Specification
OS Requirement: 64 bits Linux include Red Hat Enterprise 5.4 equivalent or above
Monitoring: SNMP, Mail and HTTP Alert, and comprehensive logging system
High Availability: Run under cluster for both encoding and streaming with seamless failover
High Definition: Support HD at least 1080p encoding and streaming

Encoder Specification
Encoded Format: For HLS, RSTP, HTTP, Silverlight and Flash Streaming
Control: CLI, Batch, Scheduled, WatchDog Automated Encode with XML settings
Automation: Watchdog function
Supported Format: Video In: H.264 Main/High/Baseline Profile, MPEG-4, H.263, MPEG-2 TS container output over UDP, TCP or RTP (selectable)
Format In: WM, MOV, FLV, AVI, MP3, WAV, AIF, AIFF, SND, AU, MPEG1, MP2, MP4 and All DirectShow Filter Supported Formats
Video Out: H.264 Main/High/Baseline Profile, MPEG-4, H.263, MPEG2-TS, Flash, RM, Silverlight Smooth Streaming, Adobe Dynamic Flash Streaming, MPEG-2 TS container output over UDP, TCP or RTP (selectable)
Format Out: Progressive DL Supported, 3GP, 3G2, MP4, Flash, Silverlight, K3G, RM, Silverlight Smooth Streaming, Adobe Dynamic Flash Streaming
Resolution Out: 1080p, 720p, SQCIF, QCIF, SIF, CIF, 4CIF