Onwards Universal Media Server is one of our core products. As our experts has more than 10 years of Media Transmission experience not only for internet but also for mobile devices. Following all necessary standards, we have developed a media server with high efficient and tons of unique features which is new in the market.

Software based product which is written in C on Linux environment is the reason why Onwards Universal Media Server is one of the highest performance server in the market. Universal Media Server natively supports redundancy live and VOD sources with carrier-grade reliability and scalability.

Standard of Onwards solution which supports RESTful API makes any integration to CMS and Billing simple.

Some features of our media server:

  • Smoothing transmission to reduce packet loss caused by network fluctuation
  • Advertisement Preroll and Interruption
  • Access Authentication
  • Single URL with dynamic assigned content
  • Support Live source of Push and Pull mode with auto-resume and failover in case of disconnection without service interruption to end viewers
  • Pseudo Live Streaming with mixture of Live and VOD without additional module
  • EPG features allows Pseudo-Live channel schedule to be dynamically update and append without interruption
  • Support Server-Side Playlist
  • Dynamic Live Source Switching
  • Real-Time Billing API to support prepaid or preview by limiting viewer by video duration or data consumption
  • Live and VOD support of RTSP, HTTP Live Streaming, HTTP Dynamic Streaming, HTTP Smooth Streaming, HTTP/UDP MPEGTS
  • RTSP Redirection for software based load balancing and load sharing
  • Supports live source with multiple tracks and alternative audio for HTTP Adaptive Streaming

Additional features with Onwards platform:

  • With Onwards Live Encoder for End-To-End media sync guaranteed
  • Onwards OVSO¬†connection for Pseudo-Live streaming
  • Onwards Media Gateway connection for OTT source