Onwards OTT Platform releases content providers from CDN dependencies and allows any data center and operator to become video CDN player. The heart of the platform is our OVStream System.

OVStream System has a very simple architecture with 4 major OVStream component:

  • OVStream Directory Server – connects and exchange information with all component with control protocol.
  • OVStream Distributor – sits in Datacenter to provide content distribution for all active clients
  • OVStream RakeCaster – feeds both file and live source to the OVStream System
  • OVStream Client – collects OVStream payload for viewers

Including standard Universal Media Server and Live Encoder, OVStream Gateway and OVStream Player, Onwards does not rely on third party software, provides end-to-end OTT video delivery solution to all devices.

OVStream System is designed for HD video delivery which also supports adaptive bitrate according to viewer network condition. The system relies on OVStream technology which allows high number of concurrent access with small number of servers.

With our team of experts on video codec and delivery, video delivered via OVStream System no matter Live or VOD are fast start and in sync across with all viewers.


Onwards OVStream Gateway is the server software which is essential for live media transmission for a large number of devices which concentrates in several locations or hotspots.

As we understand free WiFi and paid hotspots are getting popular in locations like coffee shops, shopping malls, airports etc. The stress to provide live video services to those customer is very high. The cost of Media Server license, CDN network and Server Hardware and Maintenance cost are becoming unjustified or impossible for streaming 1080p HD video to those viewers. It turns out that after a big live match, there are lots of unhappy customers calling your service

OVStream Gateway now solves all of the problems by reducing stress on content provider datacenter or HotSpot to internet network by using OVStream technology to share stream between sites. Then it will reassemble the whole stream for media server which can fans out the content to large amount of viewers within the local network via WiFi or LAN.

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