Onwards always consider High Availability an important element of our platform. In order to fulfill requirements of our customers, Onwards developed additional components complete the solution in different network conditions.

Dynamic DNS Agent
In places where static IP is not available or the price of static IP and vastly different from the dynamic IP network. Though OVS distribution system naturally would not be affected when the IP of the server is changed. Onwards provides flexibility for customer by running our own Dynamic DNS Agent on client platform. With private heatbeat to our centralized customized DNS server, IP address changes it detected on DNS record for customer will be updated subsequently.

Software Load Balancer
Onwards understands the importance of load balancer in any project, however the preference of hardware vendor and solutions difference and complicates the project deployment. Onwards overcomes this problem by introducing a software load balancer, which can run on linux cluster for load balancing purpose. Upon client requests, the load balancer would distribute the request to lowest loaded server. The load balancer supports multiple streaming protocols and tightly integrated with our streaming platform.