Off-Net OTT Delivery

Onwards Media Distribution Technology enables ISP and Mobile Operator to serve more users with less cost0_320pxx232px_images_stories_off-netottdelivery
For traditional centralized media server system, all users would connect to the centralized Media Server. The cost of Media Server license, CDN network and Server Hardware and Maintenance cost are becoming unjustified for delivering high quality video to end users. It turns out that after a big live match, there are lots of unhappy customers calling your service center.

Onwards OVStream Gateway reduces stress of the main location by sharing stream between sites and reassemble the whole stream to remote media server which fans out the content to large amount of viewers within remote site local network via WiFi or LAN.

Single End to End Solution for all Devices

Onwards in house developed Encoder till Media Server and Web Plugin gives you a total control of user experience on all devices0_320pxx232px_images_stories_off-netottdelivery
Onwards OTT Solution is the only complete solution in the market. Our system includes

Stand-Alone Systems

  • Universal Media Server
  • Live Media Encoder
  • Media Hub

OVStream Systems

  • OVStream Directory
  • OVStream Distributor
  • OVStream RakeCaster
  • OVStream Gateway
  • OVStream Client
  • OVStream Web Plugin
  • OVStream Media Playback

As frontier of DASH developer, our system deliver video to all up to date devices. Our components are all software based that provide the flexibilty according to customer’s budget and project requirement.

Build your own CDN with your content

0_320pxx232px_images_stories_off-netottdeliveryOnwards platform does not rely on powerful but expensive CDN to distribute HD video content. We make use the viewer’s bandwidth to serve other viewers. Our system is with high permeability, high resiliency and high availability.

We enable content owner to deliver HD video over 3G network, and having the effect of multicasting without the actually requirement of specific hardware.

Through Onwards, as long as you have a popular content, you are creating a CDN of your own.

Feature Rich Advertisement with High Quality Video

Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Picture in Picture, Rolling text and image, on 1080p video is now possible for your live and VOD content

ovstreamclientuiAs a total solution provider, Onwards not only helps customers to deliver HD live and VOD content with adaptive streaming technology, but also we enable our customers to monetise their video through various means.

From source end, Live Media Encoder has an advertisement detection function, which does not require a cue tone from source to signal the media server that advertisement period of live TV is coming in. Such that advertisement can replace user specifc advertisement to end users.

Then upon delivery, our Universal Media Server is the only one that support realtime pre-paid in the market.

From viewer side, advertisement is getting more interesting to our viewers, because our in house developed OSMF standard Media Playback enables advertisment comes in various mode, from Video Advertisment, Text and Image are all possible.