Our technology consists of video technology, transmission technology and device integrated technology, which led by our team who are experts in those specific fields. Our core product is Overlay CDN, which requires CDN network company to have video knowhow and control on devices in order to come close to what we have achieved. This is why even CDN operator, OTT License Owner and Set Top Box manufacturers all trying to do business with us.

What we can do already fulfill their future needs, however we do keep our eyes on the all latest technologies, and combining into our product. Onwards’ strength is to apply latest technology into traditional hardware, which fits very well in China and South East Asia. Save CDN bandwidth by using a low end Set Top Box which runs our software, enables CDN software on standard linux devices like router, and supports VR with low end handsets.

Real Time Communication (RTC) is the latest technology, which Onwards already has defined and developed the core of it, which includes device to device direct data exchange, cross applications using our native coded software in mobile / set top box, real time video capture / process and cache technology. Therefore, with such foundations, cloud gaming, augmented reality, multimedia over drone devices, are products with short time to market.