Onwards core value is to make use of latest technology breakthrough to provide a better user experience in our product. Most of our competitors would either sell technology in an engineering way which the market do not understand or without the braveness to build a system which do not follow all other people do. Our core members have strong academic and research background which have deployed various of operator scaled platform in past decade. Whereas many of our competitors do video transmission only after the low entry barrier and low efficiency HTTP streaming becomes popular. We actively works on latest technology in depth and our aim to apply these technology into our product which is beyond our customer expectations, for example Onwards redefined a CDN system for video because we know the traditional CDN system was not efficient for video transmission; Onwards introduce OVS protocol because standard transmission protocol like HTTP do not have enough features for interactivity and QoS; Onwards knowledge drill into device Kernel for allowing system running in best performance; Onwards applies Facial Recognition technology on input method for world first touchless interactive advertising. By doing all these not because Onwards do not know how our competitors or standard way of doing it, but Onwards consideration is only the best way of doing it. That also makes it hard to imitate Onwards product compare to what other competitors have.

Onwards is a technology company which provides turn key solution. However we understand the importance of variation and adaptability in the market. Our softwares have standard interfaces which allows them to be deployed in module, so that our customers do not need to replace the whole platform which they have invested in order to use our product. Take OVS as an example, Onwards only uses the technology as enabler which handles interactivity challenges and video transmission efficiency, Onwards leave the presentation part for standard application developers by having standard API for them. Therefore, the time to market to apply the technology is fast as the changes on the frontend is minimal. Comparing with our competitors which try to define their own technology, they normally developed a wall-gardened proprietary system which customers do not have the flexibility for their own need.

Performance and security are also very important for Onwards softwares. Therefore most of our softwares are written in C, even though hard to develop on different platform, it is hard to crack and it provides the best performance. Competitors choose to develop system in Java which is easily deployed on different OS, however it loses the control on memory and performance, also the endless security patches on Java is our consideration of not using it.

Onwards innovation is not limited to technical only, our management and sales and marketing are also highly adaptive in different markets. That allows Onwards to deploy product which no one has ever thought, the 24 hours preaching service around the globe is one of them.

Onwards is an international company, with core management team that has global business experience earned from Germany, Italy, UK, US and Japan. That allows us to overcome any difficulties in running teams in different locations, and we take this as our advantage to expand our footprints in South East Asia, Australia and Greater China, and places around the world.