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Onwards Overlay CDN

logo-blackOnwards fundamental core OCDN technology is based on Onwards own defined OVS protocol. This proprietary protocol defined ways and method for real time communication and short latency media transmission, that allows Onwards to have short time to market to other competitors, or always keep ahead on what the other competitors can do.

OCDN is defined into 4 logical layers which dedicated functions fall into them. They are modular and expandable, which allows us easily to put different services onto the system.


Interactive TV

Over-the-top (OTT) content has been introduced to our world for nearly a decade; however the user experience has not changed much since the first day of YouTube. Even we are now allowed to watch internet video on TV with high quality live channels which is comparable traditional broadcast system, this is far from being interactive.  People are getting bored of the same experience and viewers are expecting more.

Therefore Onwards has worked closely with content and service providers, advertisers and operators. We have invented different kinds of service enablers with our technology to let viewers to have a new way to interact with content, and to create a new ecosystem and new definition of Interactive TV.

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Before 2011, Onwards founders foresaw the video cloud would dominate the internet world, which traditional CDN with transmission protocol could reach a bottleneck within a decade. Giant operators buyout fibre companies and the amount of video uploaded to web everyday is in exponential rate. There is imminent need to have a ground breaking technology to resolve the situation. By then the blueprint of OVStream has been drafted.

With Streaming, CDN, Cache, Communications and Networking expertise in the team, Onwards developed a protocol which enables real time communications and imitates the internet as a whole for data transmission.


Hotel Entertainment

OMG hotel solution helping the traditional “hotel TV” into “Smart Entertainment Platform” that bring in-room TV into a world of content and apps for your guests. This complete solution offers hardware and software integration that drives hotel new revenue and brand recognition plus enhancing guest satisfaction and loyalty.